Leading the Industry in Reducing Uninsured Motorists

Insure-Rite provides a complete, turn-key solution. Our approach is to partner with State/county/local agencies and law enforcement to provide them with the tools to reduce uninsured motorists. The "secret" of our success is the effective combination of two distinct approaches: PROACTIVE identification (ongoing letters sent to the identified uninsured) and REACTIVE verification (traffic stops and/or time of registration).

Our results are unparalleled in the industry for over 20 years.

Letter in the mail

Our Corporate Philosophy

Responsibility is the cornerstone of personal freedom. Yet sadly, few willingly assume the responsibility of their actions...


20 Years of Audited Success

Insure-Rite is celebrating over twenty years of audited success in reducing the Uninsured Motorist Rate in Utah...


A Message From the CEO