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Insure-Rite's automobile liability insurance verification program has proven effective, and in conjunction with an aggressive enforcement campaign, is successfully combating the problem of the uninsured motorist. The program not only offers the sponsoring state a customized turnkey operation, but also adds an aggressive partner in the fight against the uninsured motorists.

Proactive Identification - Part A of the Insure-Rite Approach in Reducing Uninsured Motorists

An important part of reducing uninsured motorists is using a proactive, ongoing process that identifies the uninsured.

The main component of this methodology is routinely matching insurance information to state registrations. Motorists that have registrations that are unmatched receive a notice stating that insurance could not be found on their vehicle. The registered owner is then required to submit proof of insurance to Insure-Rite where it can be appropriately reflected to the appropriate state entities involved in the Reactive Enforcement activities described in Part B (see below).

This letter campaign is operated on a continual basis and therefore, allows persistent identification of the uninsured as well as provides a means for uninsured motorists to correct their insurance status - ideally, prior to law enforcement involvement.

Reactive Enforcement - Part B of the Insure-Rite Approach in Reducing Uninsured Motorists

Another supplemental part of reducing uninsured motorists is using an event based, or reactive, approach in requiring insurance.

The main component of this methodology is providing law enforcement officers real-time access to the Insure-Rite system that shows officers the insurance status of a registration during a routine traffic stop.

Additionally, Insure-Rite makes real-time insurance data available to other state/county/local agencies where insurance status checks can be performed at the time of registration or other applicable workflows such as follow-up on accident reports. 

The holistic approach described above is what drives Insure-Rite's success in achieving and maintaining a low uninsured motorist rate in Utah for over 20 years.