What is Insure-Rite?

Insure-Rite is an automobile liability insurance verification company designed to identify uninsured motorists

Exactly, what does that mean?

Insure-Rite gives state regulatory agencies the capability of electronically verifying, upon demand, compliance with state automobile liability insurance laws.

How is this done?

Through legislative mandates, Insure-Rite compiles a database drawn from all insurance companies providing personal or commercial automobile coverage within the State. The database resides in Insure-Rite's secure data center facility and is accessed via the State infrastructure.

I do have insurance. Why does my vehicle show uninsured?

There are several factors that can affect the matching of a vehicle registration with insurance information. Name changes, address changes, and errors in vehicle identification numbers - just to name a few. Rest assured that, upon receipt of your insurance information, the issue(s) will be determined and resolved.

What right do you have to request this information?

In 1994, the Utah state legislature passed HB 33 that states, in part, that upon notifying the registered owner of a vehicle’s uninsured status a response must be received prior to the due date shown on the letter.

This vehicle is not being used. Does it still need to be insured?

Insurance is not required if the vehicle is not being driven and is not parked on public property. A Vehicle Status Certificate is located on the lower portion of the notice. Simply check the 'Out of Service' box, date, sign and return.

I only drive the vehicle during the summer/winter. What do I do?

Vehicle Status Certificate is located on the lower portion of the notice. Simply check the appropriate category, 'Seasonal Summer' or 'Seasonal Winter', date, sign and return. The database will only look for insurance during the time the vehicle is active.

I sold this vehicle. Why are you contacting me?

The Motor Vehicle Division records show this vehicle is currently registered to you. By informing us you have sold the vehicle, we will inform Motor Vehicles that you have done so.

What makes the Insure-Rite program different from other verification programs?

There are many distinctions; but, foremost is Insure-Rite's unique data management program and the fact that Insure-Rite does not rely exclusively on the insurance industry. Many attempts at verifying automobile insurance have been rooted in databases relying exclusively on vehicle identification numbers (VIN). Insure-Rite studies have discovered significant error factors with these programs. The Insure-Rite program is designed to incorporate various cross-checks and unique verification operations to drastically raise the accuracy of the database.

However, and perhaps most importantly, the Insure-Rite Program differs from the failed attempts of the past because Insure-Rite collects and compiles the database on a continual basis assuring a program with a margin of error as little as + or - 5%. This provides regulatory agencies the information needed to ensure public adherence to mandatory liability statutes without creating additional administrative burdens for the State or the insurance industry. Simply stated, this program allows the State to make the enforcement of mandatory automobile insurance a quick, accurate and uncomplicated process.

Who has access to the data in this program?

Two divisions benefit from this program:

Law Enforcement has automatic access during routine traffic stops. Typically, the law enforcement officer makes a request to the State's infrastructure for information regarding a certain vehicle or driver's license. When the request is received, Insure-Rite automatically sends, via the State infrastructure, the insurance verification information simultaneously with any other requested details to the officer.

Motor Vehicle and Driver License Divisions may have access to Insure-Rite's online Financial Responsibility application. This application allows such agencies to see historical insurance information on vehicles and individuals.

Is the data secure?

Insurance and State data is encrypted during transfer and access to the data is strictly limited to authorized State and Insure-Rite personnel.