President, CEO - Richard Kasteler

Corporate Philosophy

Responsibility is the cornerstone of personal freedom. Yet sadly, few willingly assume the responsibility of their actions. Consider the privilege of driving a motor vehicle.

A responsible driver obeys all the regulating laws in return for this privilege. However, beyond the required use of a seat belt, no other law is ignored as much as mandatory automobile liability insurance.

The requirement for automobile insurance is mandated by state government, yet disregarded by a surprisingly growing number of licensed drivers. Uninsured motorists have caused untold anguish to responsible motorists, creating financial burdens for all concerned. Who has to take the responsibility of the uninsured motorist? We all do through increased insurance rates.

Insure-Rite Incorporated, an insurance verification services company, was formed to provide assistance to states wishing to reduce their uninsured motorists' problem. Insure-Rite's unique program not only pinpoints how extensive the problem is, it identifies those who are opperating without proper insurance and finally provides law enforcement officers with the tools they need to execute the law.

It is our goal to work with state government to help enforce mandatory insurance laws and in doing so reduce their financial liability without additional burden to the General Fund of the insurance industry. Our program is in place and the results are remarkable. Our efforts are a proven success and we look forward to working with you and your state to lessen the impact of these irresponsible drivers. The combined goal of the state and Insure-Rite Incorporated is to make the highways safer for all drivers.


President, CEO - Richard Kasteler