Insure-Rite is celebrating over 20 years of audited success in reducing the Uninsured Motorist Rate in Utah.


Insure-Rite has operated a system in Utah since 1995, providing a complete turn-key solution to the State. Insure-Rite partners with State/County/Local agencies and law enforcement to provide them with tools to reduce uninsured motorists. It is our goal to work with state government to help enforce mandatory insurance laws. 

Insure-Rite has been the vendor for the Utah Uninsured Motorist Identification Database since November 1994. The program was fully implemented in July 1995. Since 1995, Insure-Rite has been able to deliver a program to the State of Utah that reduced the Uninsured Motorist Rate from 25% to the current 5%. This program has been audited 10 times. Successfully completing the latest audit in 2015.