Utah Financial Responsibility Verification Program (FRVP) Insurance Company Reporting Guide

All insurance companies with active vehicle liability insurance policies in the state of Utah, both commercial and personal, are required by Utah law to submit their policy information.

Why should insurance companies report?

  • Utah law requires it (see Legislation).
  • Utah law enforcement officers and Financial Responsibility personnel of the Utah Department of Public Safety use this data to enforce the uninsured motorist laws. The database is queried during every traffic stop. Therefore, if an insurance company does not submit their data their clients will appear to be uninsured. This could result in needless citations and court costs and bad will for the respective insurance company.
  • If an insurance company does not submit their data, their clients will appear to be uninsured and will receive notices requiring them to contact their agents to fax proof of insurance to Insure-Rite. This too could negatively impact the goodwill of the insurance company.

In an effort to standardize reporting across multiple State implementations, as of 1/1/2010, Insure-Rite has retired the original UT specifications and has adopted a file specification virtually identical to the TX FRVP full book reporting specifications. The latest UT spec is at the following link. All new submissions and modifications to existing/legacy implementations for the Utah FRVP should conform to this new spec.

          Utah FRVP Reporting Guide and User Manual v2.0 - Current (PDF - Requires Adobe - www.adobe.com)

     *Note: All Utah submission files should be encrypted via PGP using Insure-Rite's public key prior to being transferred.


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