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This guide provides instructions to insurers who write private passenger auto policies in Utah on how to comply with the requirements of the Utah Online Insurance Verification System that is effective as of July 1, 2013. This requirement will be implemented in addition to the already in place Full Book of Business Submission.


·       All insurers, except those specifically granted an exemption, are required to implement web services capable of verifying the existence of mandatory insurance for vehicles in Utah, which must be covered by private passenger auto policies in order to legally operate on public roads.


·       All insurers writing less than 500 motor vehicles in the State of Utah are exempt from this program, but must continue participating in the Full Book of Business Submission.


·       Vehicles that are not permitted on public roads and commercial vehicles that are insured by commercial policies are exempt from this program. However, any vehicles with vehicle identification number (VIN) records available may be included at the insurer’s option.  This will allow for the inclusion of private passenger vehicles covered under commercial policies.




On March 15, 2012, S.B. 244 was passed by the State of Utah Legislature. This bill modifies the Insurance Code and Motor Vehicles Code by amending provisions relating to motor vehicle insurance reporting.


This program is based upon the model established by the Insurance Industry Committee on Motor Vehicle Administration (IICMVA) and used to electronically verify evidence of insurance coverage with insurance companies.


The commissioner was given the authority to contract with a third party vendor to act as the agent to develop the program, conduct the electronic verification process with insurance companies and to operate the program.


This new section of Code and the Motor Vehicle Code may be read in its entirety by visiting our legislative website at http://www.le.utah.gov/~2012/bills/sbillenr/SB0244.pdf.


The Insurance Industry Committee on Motor Vehicle Administration (IICMVA) has created a model guide that serves as a technical “how to” for implementing an auto insurance verification program using externally consumable web services.


The Utah IVS is built on the IICMVA model with options and enhancements based on Utah’s requirements. The program is designed to provide flexibility to insurers and to allow the implementation of future standards as they are developed by the industry.


For information regarding web services connectivity, please contact Natalia Pitkin at npitkin@insure-rite.com or call 801-531-0731 ext 116.

The verification request is sent to the insurer by Insure-Rite in the XML message format that is valid for the schema employed by the insurer’s web service. Verification that the request is from an authorized entity can be established from the certificate that Online IVS will present when the connection is initiated.


The following data elements will be in the verification request message:


·       Tracking/Reference Number

·       National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Code (identifies insurer)

·       Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

·       Policy Number

·       Requested Confirmation Date (default is current date; however, insurers are expected to support historical queries.)

·       Organization Name



For implementation details, please refer to the IICMVA User Guide at http://www.iicmva.com/IICMVAPublications.html






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