The West Virginia IVS is built on the IICMVA model with options and enhancements based on West Virginia’s requirements. The program is designed to provide flexibility to insurers and to allow the implementation of future standards as they are developed by the industry.


The verification request is sent to the insurer by Insure-Rite in the XML message format that is valid for the schema employed by the insurer’s web service. Verification that the request is from an authorized entity can be established from the certificate that Online IVS will present when the connection is initiated.


The following data elements will be in the verification request message:


·       Tracking/Reference Number

·       National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Code (identifies insurer)

·       Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

·       Policy Number

·       Requested Confirmation Date (default is current date; however, insurers are expected to support historical queries.)

·       Organization Name


For implementation details, please refer to the IICMVA User Guide at


For information regarding web services connectivity for the West Virginia Online Verification Program, please contact Natalia Pitkin at or call 801-531-0731 ext 116. 


Additionally, West Virginia is also accepting monthly full book of business files from insurance companies. Insure-Rite will provide book of business submission information to insurers willing to participate. 




Natalia Pitkin - Director of Operations

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Jorge Suazo - Chief Informations Officer

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